How to Receive Goods

If you need furniture and household goods, you must have an agency send in a referral using our online form. The appointment will then be set up through the agency who will communicate with you. Some agencies that refer to Household Goods include housing authorities, social service or government agencies, schools, places of worship, and community health agencies. Find a list of some of the agencies we work with here.

Referring Agencies please click here

Directions to Household Goods in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.

Inside Household Goods

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • Appointments

    • All visits to Household Goods are by appointment only.
    • Because of COVID-19, clients are no longer allowed into our facility. When clients arrive for their appointment, we will provide a sanitized tablet to use during a Zoom call with one of our volunteers. During the call, a volunteer will guide the client through our showroom and the client will view and select the items. Our volunteers will then load their box truck or bring the items outside. If the client has movers picking up the furniture, they can participate in the zoom call from home.
    • We do not connect with clients directly about scheduling appointments. All communication is done through the referring agency.
    • You will need to provide two appointment dates to your referral agency: your first choice and your second choice. Since we are scheduling a limited number of appointments each day, the first dates you provide may already be taken. We will work with your agency to find available dates that fit your schedule.
    • We are open for client appointments from Monday through Saturday. When you request an appointment date, you can also select a preferred time.

    Monday, Tuesday AM, Wednesday, Friday: 9AM, 10AM

    Tuesday PM, Thursday, Saturday: 1PM, 2PM

    • If you cannot keep your appointment, your advocate should email us at refer “at” as soon as possible to cancel. If you need to reschedule, please have your advocate email refer “at” We are unable to reschedule appointments more than once.
  • Vehicles

    Everything must be taken on the day of the appointment. Please make sure you have access to a truck big enough to take all of the furniture prior to scheduling the appointment. There is no public transportation to our center.

    • A rented box truck (like U-Haul) at least 15 ft  is strongly recommended. Check here for a listing of Truck Rental options. Please note that most trucks need to be reserved 3-10 days in advance, renter needs a credit card & valid license. There are extra fees associated with fuel and mileage.
    • Volunteers will load a box truck but cannot load personal vehicles (clients will load). You will need to stay in your vehicle at Household Goods.  Please wear a mask when speaking with the volunteer.
    • If you are driving a van, please take the seats out to give you more space. If you come in an open vehicle or if you plan to use a roof rack, you are responsible for safely securing your goods to the vehicle. If you are bringing a work truck, please make sure to remove all tools and work materials from the truck, so you will have sufficient space for your new furnishings.
    • If movers are scheduled, you do not need to come to Household Goods since clients are not allowed inside. We will send a Remote Zoom invite if you wish to shop from home (though if you wish to come to Acton you are welcome to use the tablet provided for the confirmed appointment if needed).
  • About Our Furniture and Goods

    • Our inventory fluctuates daily. We cannot guarantee specific items.
    • Items are not new. We accept and distribute gently used furniture, mattresses and household goods that have been donated by the community.
    • All items that you take are free of charge.
    • Clients are allowed one lifetime visit to Household Goods. This is to ensure that household goods are fairly distributed to as many families in need as possible.
  • Our Facility

    • In the case of inclement weather, please call 978-635-1710 for a recorded message about whether Household Goods will be closed or not.
    • Please drive slowly and carefully when on our grounds.
    • If you need to contact the Household Goods facility on the day that you are coming, please call 978-635-1710 x5.