zoom FAQs

Selecting Furniture in our Zoom Showroom FAQs

These are most Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) we receive about how clients currently receive furniture from Household Goods. Please feel free to reach out to us at refer@householdgoods.org with any other questions or concerns.

Q: How does my client choose the furniture they want?

A: They will join a live Zoom call with a volunteer where they can see and choose their items. We look forward to the day when we can return to in-person shopping, but currently only volunteers and staff are allowed into the building.

Q: Does my client have to come out to Acton?

A: No, but that might be easiest. We offer two options:

Clients who come to Acton to pick up their furniture will be provided with a tablet for use during the Zoom call when they arrive.
Clients who have movers to pick up the furniture for them will be able to join the Zoom call from home or anywhere they can find reliable internet, or, they are welcome to come to Acton to use one of our tablets from their vehicle during the call.

Q: Who will notify my client about their confirmed appointment?

A: We provide your clients with a full range of furniture and household items, free of charge. When you make a referral, we will confirm an appointment time with you by email. It is your responsibility as the referring agent to notify your clients about their confirmed appointment date and time, and confirm that they know how they will get their furniture from Household Goods to their home.

Q: Do you deliver or have trucks available to get the furniture to my clients?

A: No. It is imperative that you arrange and confirm the transportation plan in advance of the appointment. If your clients cannot secure transportation, they will not be able to take the furniture they need. Cancelled or no-show appointments create problems for volunteers and other clients who are waiting for appointments.

Q: If my client has a mover and will not be in Acton for the Zoom call, when will they receive a link for the call?

A: A Zoom link will be sent to the client and referring agency worker at the time the appointment is scheduled to begin. We do our best to start on time, but please be patient as we may be completing another appointment.

Q: Does furniture selection and pickup have to happen at the same time?

A: Yes. Volunteers will load your client’s box truck while your client is on the Zoom call selecting furnishings. We cannot hold items for another day.

Q: When should hired movers arrive?

A: Hired movers should arrive one hour after the appointment time, so they are not waiting for your client to select their items.

Q: What happens if my client arrives late?

A: It is very important that your client arrives on time. We schedule every client with a specific time, so that each one will have plenty of time to choose all of the items they need. Late arriving clients will have less time to choose their items, or may have to wait until after those who arrived on time have finished. Please communicate to every client the importance of being on time.

Q: Will your volunteers load my client’s vehicle?

A: Our volunteers can load box trucks, but not other types of vehicles. If your client arrives with a pickup truck they are responsible for loading and securing the items themselves.

Q: If my client does not speak English do you have translators available?

A: We have a very limited number of volunteers who speak other languages. If your client needs a translator, please arrange for someone to join the Zoom call. Send us the translator’s email address, and we will send the Zoom link to the translator at the appointment time.

Q: What is the best way to reach someone at Household Goods?

A: For questions before the day of the appointment, the fastest way to receive a response is to email refer@householdgoods.org. If your client is lost or running late on the day of their appointment, please have them call 978-635-1710 x 5.