cropped Barbara Smith Myra Kraft Award

Household Goods Co-Founder Barb Smith Wins Myra Kraft Community MVP Award

Household Goods Co-Founder Barbara Smith was honored on June 8, 2017 with the New England Patriots’ Myra Kraft Community MVP Award. Every year since 1998, the Kraft family and the New England Patriots have been celebrating those who give their time to help others. Originally known as the Community Quarterback Awards, the awards are presented to those who exemplify leadership, dedication and a commitment to improving their communities through volunteerism. Barbara was selected as one of this year’s $10,000 second prize winners.

On hand to congratulate the award winners were Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft, New England Patriots Charitable Foundation President Joshua Kraft, and Patriots and Pro Football Hall of Famer and Patriots Executive Director of Community Affairs, Andre Tippett. Patriots players Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski also made a surprise appearance to congratulate the winners.

“Everyone at Household Goods is extremely grateful to the Kraft family and the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation for honoring our founder Barbara,” said Sharon Martens, Executive Director of Household Goods. “The much needed financial support provided by the award will go a long way in helping people sleep in beds instead of the floor, eat at tables instead of on cardboard boxes and have the dignity of choosing the household items they need most.”

 “Barbara is a remarkable and unassuming role model to hundreds of volunteers each year,” continued Martens. “She is a constant reminder of the power of keeping it simple—working hard, doing whatever needs to be done, and treating every single person with respect.”

 “I never imagined that by helping just one family, an amazing organization would grow and help tens of thousands of people who could not afford to furnish their empty rooms,” said Smith.  “At our age, volunteering is simply enlightened self-interest. My husband, Ira, and I socialize, exercise, and use our aging brains when we volunteer six half-days every week. We thrive when we see everybody win – donors, clients, volunteers and the environment.” 

 “I represent all of the volunteers who have truly created Household Goods these past 27 years,” Smith continued. “This award honors not only me, but the entire community that comes together for one simple purpose: To help people in need make a home.”

PHOTO: Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft and Patriots and Pro Football Hall of Famer Andre Tippett congratulate Barbara Smith from Household Goods for being selected as a 2017 Myra Kraft Community MVP Award second prize winner. During the June 8 luncheon, the Kraft family and the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation awarded $200,000 in grants to 26 New England nonprofits. Household Goods received a $10,000 grant in honor of Smith’s volunteer efforts.

Download the press release here. Learn more about the Myra Kraft Community MVP Award here.