Families in need rely on the support of generous people like you to make a home

2,500 families each year rely on Household Goods to help them furnish their homes with the essential household items they desperately need but simply cannot afford.

We can only accomplish this with your help.

Did you know that with a donation of $200 you can help furnish one of these 2,500 homes?

Your financial support allows Household Goods and its 900 volunteers to receive, process, and provide thousands of pieces of donated furniture and household items, free of charge, to help people in need make a home.




How Many Homes Can You Help Us Furnish?


Helps 5 families in need


Helps 3 families in need


Helps a family of 4 in need


Helps 1 couple in need


Helps a single individual in need

Your donation will help:

  • Veterans
  • Those recently homeless
  • Those fleeing domestic violence
  • Children, youth, or elderly in need of services
  • Those living with a disability or illness
  • Families trying to get by on minimum wage