Families in need rely on the support of generous people like you to make a home

You can help someone make a home right here in Massachusetts.

Recent times have been very different – and often difficult – for everyone, but through it all, our intrepid donors and volunteers have remained committed to our 30-year mission to provide people in need with help furnishing a home.

We marvel at the undaunted Household Goods community of donors, volunteers, and service organizations who, working together, fuel the optimism and hope of our clients as they strive to overcome past adversities to create a stable home for their families.

With your financial support, we can continue to furnish as many homes as possible during the current crisis and beyond, no matter what the future holds. Please remember that even with donated goods and volunteer time, it takes a gift of $200 to turn one empty apartment into a real home.

With gratitude and thanks.

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How Many Homes Can You Help Us Furnish?


Helps 5 families in need


Helps 3 families in need


Helps a family of 4 in need


Helps 1 couple in need


Helps a single individual in need

Your donation will help:

  • Veterans
  • Those recently homeless
  • Those fleeing domestic violence
  • Children, youth, or elderly in need of services
  • Those living with a disability or illness
  • Families trying to get by on minimum wage