Client Stories

People often wonder who our clients are and what brings them to Household Goods. Are these people really in need of household goods, or are they just looking for free stuff? All of our clients come to us through referrals from social service agencies, government agencies, or clergy. Their stories are as varied as their personalities. 

Alan, for example, is a Gulf War veteran, who struggled with trauma, homelessness, and addiction. Ultimately, he reclaimed his life and found a place to live. But he had no furniture or other necessities. 

Marie and her two children survived the catastrophic Haitian earthquake and fled to Boston, where they wound up homeless. Today, she is studying medicine and comfortably living in a new home that Household Goods helped furnish. 

Clients come to Household Goods by means of many different paths. Many, like Allan and Marie, are veterans or victims of natural disasters. Others are refugees or people escaping domestic violence, while still others are just leaving shelters or halfway houses. Whatever their situations, all have a genuine need that Household Goods helps meet.