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Story of Support: Alice Wiggin

From Veterans who have served overseas to young mothers setting up a home, clients are delighted to be able to take home sewing kits assembled by Household Goods volunteer Alice Wiggin. The kits, assembled in decorative tins or boxes include many useful items: scissors, buttons, thread, needles, safety pins, and measuring tapes. The tins (many which […]

Story of Success: Pearl

Pearl owned her own home and worked in hospice care managing a wide range of responsibilities when the unexpected happened: a mosquito bite led to a debilitating case of West Nile Virus. A long-term hospitalization and rehabilitation left her unable to work; she lost her job and her home.

Story of Success: Chuck

Chuck was raised in a loving middle-class family, excelling academically and athletically in school. On his first day at college, his mother died unexpectedly. During this time, Chuck began having symptoms of bipolar disorder, which unfortunately, went undiagnosed and untreated. Ultimately, Chuck lost the job he loved. Unable to find another job and his savings […]

Story of Success: Franklin

Franklin came to Household Goods after having been referred by Lazarus House Ministries.  While looking at the furniture and thinking carefully about his needs, Franklin talked about the medical problems he has faced the past several years, including many tumors on his left arm and other parts of his body.  Thankfully, Franklin has had many […]

Donations from Cape Cod

Linda and John Stackhouse have been our good friends and neighbors on Ministerial Drive for thirty-five years!  In January of 2015 they purchased a home in Barnstable on Cape Cod, around the corner from the summer home they have owned for many years, and last spring they sold their Concord home.  The new house in […]