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Story of Success: Charlene

Charlene Ferreira is a beautiful 26-year old woman with a physical disability; she uses a wheelchair for all of her mobility.  Until recently, Charlene lived with her parents, but she had always dreamt of living independently.  In February, she signed a lease for an apartment, giving her an opportunity to fulfill that dream.  One last […]

Story of Success: Susan

Susan is an energetic mother of four adult children who recently lost her apartment in Fitchburg after she discovered it had many problems, including bedbugs, fleas, and mold.  Because her daughter and two granddaughters live with her, the mold was a special concern to Susan.  With the help of the Section 8 housing program, Susan […]

Story of Success: Marie

Marie has experienced both the receiving and giving sides of Household Goods.  In January 2010, in her home country of Haiti, Marie’s life was turned upside down by the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in Haiti, killing more than 300,000 people and leaving more than 1,000,000 Haitians homeless.  Marie moved with her two young children from […]

Story of Support: Boston College

Boston College and Household Goods are entering the fifth year of what has been an extraordinarily successful partnership. Since 2011 BC has been generously donating the beds, couches, chairs, tables and bureaus that are routinely replaced during the college’s ongoing dormitory renovations. Because of BC, Household Goods has been able to maintain its inventory of […]

Story of Support: Larry DeRoche

Larry DeRoche is president of Clean Out Your House Inc., based in Waltham. His company, which has served Greater Boston for more than 10 years, specializes in taking away and disposing of “household stuff” that residents no longer need or want. But he also partners with Household Goods, and last year he donated more than […]

Story of Support: Larry Eckler

Larry first learned of Household Goods about fifteen years ago, when he read a newspaper article about the organization. The article included a picture of founders Ira and Barbara Smith. One Saturday, Larry was taking a morning run and saw the Household Goods sign and realized, “Those are the people I just read about!” He […]

Story of Success: Allan

Allan is a Veteran of the Gulf War.  During his time in Iraq, Allan experienced many of the traumas that so many service members do, leading to a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Gulf War Syndrome. After leaving the Army, he struggled to deal with the traumas he experienced during his service.  Allan found […]

Story of Support: Janice Battle

Janice Battle is a local interior designer and owner of Beyond the Garden. Her husband, John, is an architect at Battle Associates. For years, Janice has referred her clients to Household Goods as a place to donate furniture as they prepared to renovate or redecorate their home interiors. After Janice and John received our annual report, […]